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Church at 520 West Delano Avenue, Prescott, AZ 86301

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  • I like going here for meetings, even when it's hot. And yeah then there's Rich but hey just make sure to throw away your cigarette butts.

    Added June 26, 2017 by Frank Barrett
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    I am completely and utterly disgusted by the management at this building. The manager, Rich, continually harasses people about cigarette butts. It has continued to get worse until tonight when Rich was telling newcomers that they could not go into the meeting if they did not pay him money for the cigarette butts that he had found on the ground. Now this goes completely against not only AA as a whole, but the 12 traditions as well. As this went on I witnessed an individual stand up for the small group of kids that Rich was not allowing into the meeting. The gentleman simply said to Rich that he could not do that, that it went against the traditions and that these kids were newcomers. Which for those of you who don't know, are the most important people. Rich replied and said he was tired of picking them up himself. Now being the manager you would think that something like this would be a part of his job, but apparently its ok for him to charge people and not let them attend a FREE AA meeting.The gentleman again said it was not right for him to do this. Rich immediately raised his voice at him and yelled that he was BANNED from the property calling him a negative energy. Rich then told him to get off the property and proceeds to call the police. This is just the type of person that drives people away from the program. He acted completely irrationally and irresponsibly. This man needs to be fired for acting out like this and trying to tell people they cannot go into the meeting. These people go here to look for hope and now they are being faced with threats. Having to worry about not being able to attend a meeting, being banned from property for not paying money for cigarette butts they did not leave on the ground, or worse, having the cops called on them. Someone needs to take action against the manager of Safe Harbor and have him replaced for his actions.

    Added November 24, 2016 by Brianna Meeks
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